About Us

In 2013 after decided to start her natural journey and stop chemically treating her hair, founder Sherene St. Juste was having a hard time managing the thickness of her natural hair.  On the verge of giving up, she tried all the big brands as well as some handmade versions on the market to see if they offered any help. Unfortunately they offered no help at all leaving her hair even more dry and brittle and  with severe itching and redness on her scalp, a sign she was having an allergic reaction to the ingredients. The experience sparked the desire to create her own line of products that would be different from the rest.

With extensive research on ingredients that were healing, anti-inflammatory,  anti-fungal, hypoallergenic and nourishing, Sherene was able to come up with a list of ingredients that were safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin such as her own.  These ingredients were also very healing to her son and sister's skin who are long sufferers of eczema . It didn't take long for her to begin noticing a huge difference in the feel of her and her family's hair and skin while using the products she created using these ingredients.  Soon others would notice it too and wanted to know how they could purchase her products.  That was the start of Justeliving Naturals.

The story of Justeliving Naturals continues to grow as more research is being done to find other ingredients with similar properties to add to the list of awesome ingredients leading to new product creations.  Our product line is completely customizable. Consultation is available should you need help figuring what works best for your skin or hair needs. Our goal is to help you embrace your God-given beauty, naturally.

"Too many times I hear people speak negatively about their hair. Enough comparing and more embracing is what I say. God has given each person their own type of beauty. We must learn to love ourselves and take care of the vessel in which we live." - Sherene St. Juste.